ThermVac Responds to Clients' Needs By Developing Chemical Vapor Deposition Technologies for SiC, TaC, B4C and PYC

2022-01-06 14:38 출처: ThermVac

ThermVac's Chemical Vapor Deposition technologies for SiC, TaC, B4C and PYC

HWASEONG--(뉴스와이어) 2022년 01월 06일 -- ThermVac Inc., a manufacturer of special vacuum furnaces, said that it keeps responding to the needs of domestic and foreign clients by developing process technology as well as design and manufacturing technology for CVD equipment, which can be widely applied in the high and ultra-high temperature ranging from 900°C to 2,400°C. This is in line with the increasing demand for high-temperature heat resistant CVD components from high-tech industries such as semiconductor, solar power, mobile phones, aerospace and defense.

Since it secured the core elemental technology of CVD equipment while carrying out the localizing development project for SiC CVD equipment in the Korean government’s R&D support program in 2011, ThermVac has developed a variety of CVD systems for domestic and foreign markets, such as SiC CVD reactor for semiconductor/solar processing parts, TaC CVD reactor for ultra-high temperature processing parts, HfC/B4C/BN CVD reactor for aerospace or defense components, PYC CVD reactor for mobile phones or biomaterials and CVI furnace for carbon/SiC composite materials.

ThermVac's competitiveness in the field of CVD equipment is as follows; Turn-key plant supply capability to cover the entire CVD process from precursor gas supply to exhaust gas treatment, Flow control ability to select either horizontal or vertical gas flow according to product shape or loading method, Retort muffle assembly structure for easy maintenance of hot zone, Ultra-high temperature operation capability accumulated during the development of graphitization and purification furnaces, Process development capability to provide basic process recipes together with CVD equipment hardware.

ThermVac has built in-house pilot CVD equipment that can raise the temperature up to 2,400°C. In response to clients' various CVD equipment requirements, it conducts process tests in advance using pilot equipment along with the overall design of CVD equipment. Thereby it enhances equipment reliability as well as provides the customers with basic process recipes that are essential for initial equipment operation.

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